Cover image: Last Drop Falls (Spinefarm / Finland)

Cd: Last Drop Falls (Spinefarm / Finland)

Detail view: Last Drop Falls (Spinefarm / Finland)


1. Last Drop Falls (5:14)
2. Die With Your Boots On (Iron Maiden cover) (4:24)
3. Mary-Lou (acoustic reprise) (5:05)

Additional information:

This is the second single from Silence. It's released only in Finland, since the title track got quite well airtime in the domestic radio stations. The two other tracks were released earlier on the Orientation (EP) in Japan. Officially the Iron Maiden cover and acoustic version of Mary-Lou haven't been released anywhere but in Japan and Finland, so (musically) this single is quite interesting for collectors. It's also cheaper than Orientation, if found.

One more nice detail for someone who's interested - the cover image is clipped from a promotional photo of Tarja Turunen / Nightwish, it's Tarja's right eye. (Tarja's photo on the detail view: (C) Toni Härkönen / Spinefarm.)

Official chart positions in Finland:

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