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++ 2005-12-22

Merry Christmas - The Fallen Empire tracklist!

ALTARIA wishes Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the fans and friends out there!

As a christmas present, here is the tracklist for The Fallen Empire:
1. Disciples
2. Valley of Rainbows
3. Abyss of Twilight
4. Frozen Hearts
5. Crucifix
6. Showdown
7. The Lion
8. Outlaw Blood
9. Chosen one
10. Access Denied
+ The Dying Flame (European bonus)
+ Metality (Japanese bonus)

++ 2005-12-15

The Fallen Empire release date and cover art revealed + more!

The cover art of forthcoming ALTARIA album The Fallen Empire is now revealed.

The Fallen Empire will be released on the 24th of March 2006. The details of the album, including track listing, will be released before christmas.

Also tourdates are going to be released soon.

The website has also faced a graphical update, as you can see. Lots of more stuff coming up soon!

++ 2005-11-08

J-P Alanen quits Celesty

J-P Alanen parted ways with Celesty where he played guitar the last five years: "There were difficulties between Celesty and the situation of my personal life. I'm concentrating more to my music studies, and also my musical taste, influences and attitudes have changed during the years. It was only a question of time. This decision won't affect to my playing in Altaria.", writes J-P.

++ 2005-10-27

The Fallen Empire finished, new websites launched

ALTARIA's third album The Fallen Empire has been finished! The mixing and mastering process were made in Black Lounge Studios, Sweden. More details about the release date and the track listing will be released soon, stay tuned. In other news, ALTARIA's vocalist Taage Laiho and bass player Marko Pukkila have launched their personal websites - go check them out:

Marko Pukkila
Taage Laiho

++ 2005-10-12

The Fallen Empire near completition, second guest musician revealed

The recordings of ALTARIA's third album "The Fallen Empire" are now 99% ready. The mixing of the album will start on the 15th of October in the Black Lounge Studios (Sweden). As earlier reported ex-Dio guitarist Rowan Robertson makes a guest appearance on a track called "The Lion" and keyboard player Henrik Klingenberg (Sonata Arctica, Silent Voices) has also been confirmed to play on the album. Klingenberg recorded a solo for a song called "The Dying Flame" which is an 8-minute epic. The final tracklist is yet to be confirmed but a few songs apart from the two earlier mentioned that most certainly will be on the album are "Crucifix", "Abyss Of Twilight", "Frozen Hearts" and "Disciples".

++ 2005-09-22

Discography and photos updated

The discography is now updated with two compilation albums ALTARIA's participated lately. The media section is also renewed, and additional photo section is added there. Enjoy the new content!

++ 2005-09-10

Special Guest Musician for "The Fallen Empire"

ALTARIA's third album The Fallen Empire will feature Rowan Robertson (of DIO fame) as a special guest. Rowan plays a guitar solo for one track.

On the other news, ALTARIA's bass player Marko Pukkila has recorded VAN HALEN's And The Cradle Will Rock for the forthcoming VAN HALEN tribute album together with Rowan Robertson, Vinny Appice and Andy Engberg. The tribute album will be released in November by Versailles Records in the USA.

++ 2005-08-22

ALTARIA: The Fallen Empire

ALTARIA is currently working hard in the studio with the third album. The album will be called "The Fallen Empire" and will be released in the winter/spring 2006. Final release date has not yet been confirmed.

"The Fallen Empire" will be mixed and mastered during October 2005 at Black Lounge Studios in Sweden by Jonas Kjellgren (Katatonia, Steel Attack, Scar Symmetry etc.). Tracklist and artwork will be released later.

++ 2005-07-08

J-P Alanen joins ALTARIA

J-P AlanenJ-P Alanen is the new guitarist of Altaria. During the past winter J-P has been jamming and writing songs together with Marko and Tony and therefore felt like a natural choice. Earlier the young and talented guitarist has made a name for himself in power metal band Celesty. The first assignment for him will be the recordings of the third Altaria album and he has already recorded rhythm guitars on few tracks.

++ 2005-06-27

ALTARIA parts ways with Jani Liimatainen

Guitarist Jani Liimatainen is no longer a part of Altaria. During the preproduction sessions of the upcoming album it became obvious to everybody including himself that things had developed to the point where it was impossible for him to combine Altaria's increasing demand for attention with the busy schedule of Sonata Arctica.

The difficult descision was made as friends when everybody involved realized there was no other possibility. This will not affect the work of the forthcoming Altaria album. Discussions with potential replacements have already started and the new guitarist will be announced shortly!

Tony, Marko and Taage want to thank Jani for the years of fun, hard work and rock'n roll we've experienced together and would also like to wish him lots of success in his already so successful career.

++ 2005-06-13

Forum back online, messages written after 8.5. missing

Because of database problems the forum has been down a few days. The service provider luckily had a full backup of the database, but it was dated the May 8th. All messages written after this date have been gone. We apologize the situation.


++ 2005-06-10

Forum temporarily down

The discussion forum is currently down due to major technical problems. It will be reopened as soon as possible, but so far I have no clue when this happens. Sorry for the inconvience.


++ 2005-06-01

Some of the new material already recorded

Altaria have during the spring been pre-producing material for the yet untitled third album. The release has been pushed forward to early 2006 instead of autumn 2005 as earlier reported. Drums and bass for some songs have already been recorded and it looks like the forthcoming album is going in a heavier direction. Recordings of rhythm guitars will start shortly, followed by some more drum and bass recordings later this summer. Stay tuned!

Tony / Altaria

++ 2005-02-06

ALTARIA nominees at Femmagaala!

Altaria is one of the nominees at the Femmagaala's annual public voting. You can vote Altaria by clicking here and filling your name ("Nimi") and email address ("sähköpostiosoite") to the form.

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