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Tony: drums

NEWS 2003

++ 25.12.2003

News from the studio

The recordings of the second Altaria album, Divinity, are going very well. All the drum tracks and almost all basses have already been recorded. Lead vocals have been recorded for four songs. Currently Altaria is having a small recording break because of the Christmas and New Year's Eve celebrations, but the recordings will continue in the very beginning of January.

For Finnish people: There's Altaria ringtone available at The polyphonical version of Fire & Ice can be purchased from their website.

++ 18.12.2003

Advance tickets to Tavastia gig

The advance tickets for Altaria's gig at Tavastia (January 22th) have been released for sale. You can buy or mailorder your tickets from Tiketti. The price is 8 euros. Grab your tickets now!

++ 08.12.2003

Short non-Altaria but Altaria related newsflash: Sonata Arctica's webpage is from now on - and finally - located at so please update your bookmarks and do spread the address along people you know.

++ 03.12.2003

Gig at Nokia added, Kouvola date changed

Altaria plays live in Nokia, Iisoppi in January 16th 2004. The additional date is held because the gig at Kouvola was forced to be moved for the next free slot (meaning the Divinity tour, summer 2004) by the venue - Altaria couldn't do anything about the cancelling, but they agreed to conquer Kouvola later on. The cancelled show was immediately replaced by gig in Nokia.

++ 23.11.2003

All live dates confirmed

All tour dates have been now confirmed. No more live shows will be added to the Invitation Tour. After January, the next live dates will be during the summer 2004 when Altaria is touring again for supporting their 2nd album Divinity.

++ 11.11.2003

Live dates updated

Tourdates updated. A show in Tavastia Club, Helsinki, Finland, is also confirmed - it's the first time for Altaria to play in the most legendary rock club in Finland. There will be also a warm-up band which will be announced shortly.

++ 04.11.2003

Live dates & updates

Tour dates, band & history sections are all updated. Also, photos of Taage added to the layout, too.

++ 30.10.2003

Altaria live: January 2004

Altaria will handle the second leg of Invitation Finnish Tour in January 2004. The Live section is now updated with the already confirmed tour dates. Lots of more tour dates will be revealed as soon as they have been fully confirmed by the band and the venue.

++ 01.10.2003

Altaria in studio

Altaria goes to studio in the following Saturday (October 10th) to begin the recordings of the follow-up album for Invitation. Tentative title for the second album is Divinity. Divinity will include 12 songs and released in May 2004. Some track titles are: Prophet Of Pestilence, Darkened Highlight, Try To Remember, Crucifix, Final Warning, Will To Live and Haven. Two of these songs were already performed live during Altaria's gigs in September, and the audiences really seemed to like the new material.

++ 15.09.2003

Tour dates coming closer

The forthcoming Altaria live shows are just around the corner, so remember to check out the live dates! The setlist for the forthcoming gigs might well contain some new, yet unreleased Altaria songs, so do remember to check the band live near you! Since Nightwish are having two gigs at Russia at the same time with Altaria shows, Emppu is unable to join Altaria for these shows - he's busy training, traveling and touring with Nightwish. Emppu is being temporarily replaced by Michael Wik. Michael is a good friend of the band and has earlier been playing in Blindside with Marko and Tony. He's also been co-writing two songs of the debute album Invitation. The change is not permanent, it's just for these three gigs where Emppu is unable to participate due the Nightwish activities. Altaria wants to offer a full live show experience for people attending to see the band playing live, so the gigs won't be cancelled nor played with one guitarist only - the audience will get everything they deserve, including the double guitars, even if Emppu is forced to retreat from the shows. The next live date: Club 25, Vaasa, September 20th 2003 - be there!

++ 23.08.2003

Line-up change

Altaria has parted ways with vocalist Jouni Nikula. The departure was made in good terms and with mutual agreement. Altaria wishes Jouni all good in the future! Currently Jouni is in studio recording the second Requiem album. Permanent replacement for Jouni has already been chosen. The new singer is Taage of Kilpi fame. (Detailed information of the new vocalist coming online soon.)

First Altaria live show featuring Taage on vocals will be in Club 25, Vaasa, September 20th 2003. With Taage as a singer Altaria is able to move even closer to its roots, towards traditional heavy metal & hard rock of the eighties without forgetting the fresh view and inspirations from the new millennium. The line-up change doesn't affect the forthcoming gigs in any matter - all of the live shows will be made and there will be no cancellations due the singer replacement.

Altaria is currently working hard rehearsing the live set with Taage and writing new killer songs for the second (yet unnamed) Altaria album which will be released in April/May 2004 via Metal Heaven.

++ 15.08.2003

Altaria will do a minor Finnish tour during September. Some live dates have been added, possibly more to come when the dates are 100% confirmed.

++ 04.08.2003

A brand new merchandise section is now opened! From now on you can buy Altaria related items (shirts, CDs...) directly from!

++ 04.06.2003

Attention, Finnish people: there will be Altaria interview at YleX's Metalliliitto on Sunday (June 8th). Metalliliitto is on air during 20:00-22:00 Finnish time (GMT+3). There's Real Media and Windows Media Player streams available in case of you don't have a radio. The transmission frequencies in Finland can be found from YleX's www page.

++ 23.05.2003

The debute album Invitation is now distributed also in Sweden by Sound Pollution.

Small picture of the Invitation package
Invitation packages available. The package includes Invitation CD signed by the band, Invitation T-shirt and a custom pick with Altaria logo (six different colors, the pick will be randomly chosen). The price is 30 € plus shipping charge. The sizes of the shirts are L and XL, so remember to specify the correct size when ordering! For orders and inquiries, contact Click the image for larger view of the set. The package is strictly limited, only 50 packages will be sold so order quickly before they're sold out!
++ 24.04.2003

The renewed Altaria Homepage has been now officially opened. Also, a brand new Altaria Discussion Forum is open. Welcome, everyone!

Also, the debute album Invitation can be bought from Invitation is released by Metal Heaven, a sublabel of AOR Heaven, on April 28th. So far the confirmed distributors are:

Germany - Point Music
Switzerland - Musikvertrieb
Austria - Musikvertrieb
Benelux - Rock Inc.
Finland - Kråklund Records
Italy - Frontiers
UK - Cargo
Spain - Avispa
France - Musea
South Korea - Sail Production (week 20)
Brazil - Megahard *
Japan - Disk Heaven *
* = release date: t.b.a.

++ 02.04.2003
Merchandise is here! T-shirts with Invitation cover image printed on the chest are now available. The price is 15 € plus shipping charge. There are currently sizes L and XL. For orders and inquiries, contact The shirt is visible on the right; click the shirt for larger image. Small picture of the Invitation shirt
++ 23.03.2003
A complete MP3 song (Fire & Ice from the forthcoming album Invitation) is now available for download! Altaria is also currently very busy promoting the new album and giving interviews to magazines and all other medias around the globe.
++ 16.03. 2003
Some new photos from the Invitation sessions are online.

Also, the promotional copies of Invitation should be supplied soon to the media so soon there might be some reviews at Stay tuned.

++ 27.02. 2003
Invitation cover image and full tracklist available at the discography section. Also, the cover image of the Jason Becker tribute album is now available.
++ 24.02. 2003
Invitation will be released at April 28th in Europe and about four weeks later in South America.

Also, prior to release date, the website of Altaria will be completely renewed. There will also be a merchandise section and a message board.


++ 13.02. 2003
Jason Becker Tribute Vol. 2 is released in Japan. Altaria is featuring on the album with the song "Stranger" (originally from Cacophony's album "Go Off!") which is exclusively on that album, not available anywhere else! The catalog number is MICP-90009. Other artists featuring on the 2cd tribute are for example Steve Vai, Marty Friedman, Mats Olauson, Ronni LeTekro and Daniele Liverani (Empty Tremor) among many others. The album information and tracklist can be found at Avalon Online.
++ 29.01. 2003
The debute album Invitation is now mixed and mastered. As noted before, the mixing was made at Sonic Pump Studios by Nino Laurenne (ex-Antidote) and mastered by Mika Jussila at the famous Finnvox studios. The album includes 11 top quality songs. The exact release date will be published here as soon as it's been confirmed by the label. There will also be information about the distribution of Invitation around the world.
++ 20.01. 2003
The mixing of Invitation has started. The duration of the mixing phase is tentatively about a week. Stay tuned for further information.
++ 09.01. 2003
Backing and harmony vocals recorded. The backing vocals and choirs included about 10 different singers, varying from Jouni to Marco Hietala (Nightwish, Tarot, Conquest...) and from Luis Herrero (Craydawn) to Carsten "Lizard" Schulz (Domain).

Now it's time for some additional recordings and other small details and minor fixes. The mixing of the album will start January 21st at Sonic Pump Studios.

++ 02.01. 2003
Do you want to talk with Altaria? Do you use ICQ? Now it's easy to contact Altaria via ICQ #178636823.

Also, a live review from Altaria's show at Turku (26.10. 2002) available at Sue Magazine. The text is in Finnish.

Short clip translated into English: "Altaria show the full power since the beginning. Nowadays you rarely find new bands who can make as good impact as Altaria did. The band blew me away like a tornado." (Kimmo Jaramo / Sue Magazine)


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