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Marco: vocals
Pete: guitars
JP: guitars
Marko: bass
Tony: drums

NEWS 2002

++ 25.12. 2002
Studio update: the recording of lead vocals are now completed. Altaria is now having a small studio break because of the Christmas and the New Year celebrations. The recording of backing and harmony vocals will start at January 6th. After these final recordings are done, the album will be mixed at Sonic Pump Studios by Nino Laurenne. The mastering will be handled at Finnvox Studios by Mika Jussila at the end of January.

The recorded songs for the debute album Invitation are:
Wrath Of A Warchild
House Of My Soul
History Of Times To Come
Fire & Ice
Immordal Disorder
Kingdom Of The Night
Here I Am
Emerald Eye

Altaria's current line-up: Jani (guitars), Jouni (vocals), Marko (bass), Tony (drums & percussion) and Emppu (guitars).

++ 18.11. 2002

Studio update: rhythm guitars and some keyboards have been recorded. The lead and solo guitars, rest of the keyboards, lead vocals and background + harmony vocals will be recorded during the end of the year and the album will be mixed and mastered in January. Invitation will be released in March, 2003.

Also, the gig at Salo (November 23rd) had to be cancelled due to logistic problems. Altaria apologies, but there wasn't anything the band could do about it. The last live shows of the autumn will be at Seinšjoki, November 29th and at Pietarsaari, November 30th. Be there.

Live photos from Turku, October 26th, have been online some time already; go and check them out! Additionally, live photos from Tampere, Vaasa and Nokia will be online "soon".


++ 29.10.2002 
Altaria started studio session for the debute album Invitation about one month ago. All recordings are scheduled to be finished during or at the beginning of December. Drums and bass guitars have already been recorded. In progress: guitars and keyboard parts.

Also, first live show from the Finnish tour is now behind; some photos will be coming (hopefully) soon online. The audience was very active and really seemed to enjoy their experience - thanks to everyone who were there!

Live shows are updated: a gig in Heinola was forced to be cancelled, Altaria apologies about that one.

++ 20.09. 2002

Altaria will have second guitar player during some of their forthcoming live shows. Emppu from Nightwish plays guitars with Altaria. Some keyboards will also be involved on live shows.


++ 20.09. 2002
Altaria have been asked to record a song to the Jason Becker Tribute II album. Altaria will record a song called "Stranger" from the album "Go Off!" by Cacophony. The Tribute album will be released in Japan in December. Other musicians appearing on the album are Steve Vai, Marty Friedman, Ronni LeTekro, Randy Coven, Tracy G, Mats Olauson and Michael van Knorring among others.
++ 28.08. 2002
Altaria have signed a two album contract with the German label Metal Heaven (a sublabel of AOR Heaven). The debut album will be released around february-march 2003. The band will start the recordings of their first album at Sonic Pump Studios in Helsinki in September. The debut album entitled Invitation will include 11 songs. Altaria is also touring Finland in November.

++ 22.08. 2002
Three more live shows added: Kuopio / Henry's Pub, Tampere / Sputnik and Heinola / Casino. Check out the live section for complete tour dates.
++ 19.08. 2002

Altaria takes the third place at's Eliminaattori demo contest. Thanks to all who voted for Altaria!

++ 16.08. 2002

Live shows updated - five confirmed gigs. More live dates will be available soon, after the gigs have been confirmed. Stay tuned!

++ 15.08. 2002

New layout / cleaner navigation bar graphics, minor updates and additions in few places.

++ 06.08. 2002

Altaria is one of the five participiants at's demo contest. Go to and give your 50 points to Altaria's "Feed The Fire" song. The contest in in Finnish, but short instructions in English: You've got 50 points, download the MP3 songs by clicking the cover images. Then you can give 50 points to the bands, for example 10 points for each band or 50 points for your favorite band. After you've given all of the points, click the button at the bottom of the page. Two of the bands who get the most points will continue in the demo contest. So, go and download the songs - and do vote for Altaria! Also, you might want to spread the word and tell your friends to vote Altaria, too :)


++ 28.06. 2002 has been online 1 year, and we have so far got over 9000 visitors! Great! Also, the statistics show that Altaria's mp3 files have been downloaded very, very often. About 800 downloaded 256kbit/s MP3 files and about 900 downloaded from - during THIS month only! 1700 downloaded Altaria songs in only four weeks - wow! Thanks for everyone for the first year, and please come back later to! :)

++ 12.06. 2002

Altaria's only live show during the summer will be at Pietarsaari, Koulupuiston lava. The date is July 3rd. No more gigs until Autumn.

++ 03.06. 2002

Altaria has signed a contract with GerMusica Promotion & Management (from Germany). From now on GerMusica handles the managering duties and European show bookings.

++ 15.05. 2002

GREAT NEWS! Feed The Fire demo/promo 2002 is now ready! Download it NOW from the discography section (256kbit/s full-length MP3 files)! Also lower bitrate (128kbit/s) versions will be available at in a few days. Listen to the new songs and remember to write to the guestbook and tell your opinion!


++ 20.04. 2002

Altaria Newsletter is now officially opened. Altaria crew will announce all news & updates via the newsletter / mailing list. The list is for news only, it's not meant for discussion. To join Altaria Newsletter, simply send an (empty) email to

++ 19.04. 2002

16 fresh photos from Altaria's live show at Pietarsaari. Go check them out! Altaria's Newsletter / mailing list will be opened really soon, too. Also few minor updates here and there.

++ 28.003. 2002

Studio diary updated...

++ 14.03. 2002

Many updates today:
- News about the new demo/promo: the title will be "Feed the Fire", the final recordings (background and harmony vocals, keyboards, misc. stuff) will be made soon.
- The band section updated, lots of new information about the members of the band.
- Studio diary was added, so check it out!
- Also, the contest ended two weeks ago - the winners have now been announced. The five lucky winners have already been informed via email.


++ 22.02. 2002

Altaria in studio! The drums and bass guitars have already been recorded, vocals and guitars will be recorded later - the recording of vocals is scheduled to next week. Recorded tracks: Unicorn, History Of Times To Come, Immortal Disorder, Emerald Eye, House Of My Soul, Discovery, Here I Am, Enemy. Yes, you read it right - eight hit songs on their way! If everything goes as is suspected, the demo will be ready in the very beginning of April. Studio report is also on its way...

++ 31.01. 2002

Contest! Vote for the best song of Sleeping Visions and win Altaria t-shirt, CD, poster, guitar pick... Click here for details & instructions.

++ 30.01. 2002

The spring will be very busy time for Altaria. Sleeping Visions got great response, so Altaria's heading to the studio again around February-March 2002 - with the new singer of course. Brand new killer songs will be recorded! After the studio session, Altaria's doing some touring here in Finland (April-May 2002).

++ 27.01. 2002

Line-up change! Jouni Nikula, who temporarily replaced Johan Mattjus during live shows (due to Johan's scheduling problems then) is now permanent and full-time member of the band. The band welcomes Jouni on board and also wishes good luck to Johan and all good with his life. The line-up change is also seen in the band section.

++ 20.01. 2002

Updates to the live section, the gig at Kruunupyy cancelled & probably moved to the 2nd leg of Altaria's tour which starts at the latter half of April. The dates will be added as soon as they are confirmed.


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